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About Me

Peter Kelly is a leading psychologist, speaker and advisor who consults with organisations in the UK and internationally for mental health solutions in the workplace.

Peter Kelly established BEING REAL in 2022, after developing the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) management standards approach to tackle work related stress over 20 years ago . He was Senior Psychologist/ Specialist Inspector at The Health and Safety Executive from 1998 to 2022 giving practical advice and advice on compliance with regulations   for  work related stress whilst developing the scientific evidence base for work related stress , psychological health and safety and mental health and wellbeing 

Peter is a workplace and mental health authority and an advocate of mental health. He is best known for effective strategies and actions that manage and improve employee mental health, among them, the mentally healthy workplace, preventative practice, the promotion of mental health practice for improving wellbeing grounded in empathy and compassion.

What we do

Being Real helps organisations to navigate mental health and improvements in the workplace through practical solutions.

We provide strategic oversight of existing mental health practices and assist in the development of a mental health action plan for your workplace, undertaking a gap analysis of current practice and policy review in the organisation

Undertake  Gap analysis in preparation for ISO 45003 Certification 

Keynote presentations , Media Interviews ,  Panel Discussions ,Webinars , Lectures ,Lunchtime Learn workshops and training courses in person or virtual 

We are a trusted mental health advisor to the commercial and charity sectors. Providing direction, support and consultancy on workplace mental health 


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Elizabeth J Horne. Education and Business Auditing Specialist.

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